Empowering the world’s displaced through the provision of sustainable and quality education.

Our mission

Opportunities through education.

Education Refuge Inc. works to promote education as the driving force behind individual empowerment and global development.  According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are currently 65.6 million people forcibly displaced worldwide. With the number of displaced peoples growing at an alarming rate due to civil unrest, global conflict, and natural disasters, education is vital in the effort to provide stability and the promise of a better tomorrow for those most deeply impacted.  For the refugee and Internally Displaced Person (IDP), access to education presents challenges tantamount to none. Among the many barriers to education refugees face, our outreach recognizes two challenges specifically through our capacity to serve, including limited classroom resources and inadequate supply of basic needs.  

Through our ongoing projects, Education Refuge upholds the notion that education, amidst crisis, is a basic need of survival and not a secondary commodity. We are committed to ensuring the continued learning of refugees and IDPs through three specific measures:


  • Supporting existing education systems
  • Offering supplemental instruction for skill- based training
  • Ensuring classrooms remain safe spaces for    both children and adults alike


With so many seeking shelter in safety zones and refugee camps across the globe, the hope to return home is never guaranteed. In light of this reality, we are committed to creating further refuge in the opportunities and empowerment education can provide. 


Anna Spethman
Director of Operations