Project Kakuma


Located in the Northwestern region of Kenya, the Kakuma Refugee Camp remains home to approximately 177,000 refugees. Since its establishment in 1992, Kakuma continues to provide life-saving resources and shelter for those seeking refuge outside of conflicting areas in Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, and South Sudan. Education Refuge Inc. seeks to support Kakuma’s mission through collaborative efforts to support an improved quality of life and access to educational opportunities for Kakuma’s residents.

According to UNHCR, 44% of Kakuma’s population is of school-age, ranging from ages 5-17. Currently, Education Refuge Inc. primarily serves the Adult Education Program and Napata Secondary School facilitated by residential operators. Project Kakuma strives to ensure residents within the camp are allowed access to their education without the daily challenges of camp life. We encourage sustainable learning through our support of community-led education initiatives throughout Kakuma. Education Refuge Inc. upholds our mission of supporting existing education systems and maintaining classrooms as safe spaces through three primary means:



For Kakuma residents, the cost of education presents a challenge, but the results are invaluable. The average adult-learner pays around 250 Kenyan Schillings per month in order to pursue studies- that is equivalent to $3 US Dollars per month.

We currently provide ongoing scholarships to students in the adult-education program at Kakuma. Project Kakuma recognizes that classrooms cannot function without dedicated teachers and therefore we supply ongoing compensation for teachers willing to remain resilient in the face of minimal resources and pay.  



Every classroom should allow space for students to learn and teachers to teach. However, this is not possible without standard tools to facilitate the learning process.

Kakuma teachers have expressed the need for classroom supplies including, but not limited to: chalk, notebooks, pens, pencils, work books, flashlights, and more. We equip Kakuma students with the basic classroom tools they need to direct more focus on the lessons than the loss. 



For many refugee students, the price of education demands the relinquishment of basic necessities in order to cover the costs. Alongside school enrollment fees, Project Kakuma recognizes the individual challenges each resident may have that prevents his or her continued learning.

From Malaria prevention nets to clean water, we work to mitigate the barriers to education Kakuma residents face.  

Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity
— Aristotle


Kakuma's Adult Education Program 

  • Currently serving 121 students

  • Ages ranging from 30-45 years old

  • 12 volunteer teachers

  • Classes held Monday-Friday from the hours of 1:00pm-4:30pm

  • Student enrollment fees are 250 Kenyan Schillings per month (equivalent to $3 USD)

  • Instructor's master textbooks including full curriculum generally cost 800 Kenyan Schillings (equivalent to $8 USD)


Adult Education Program

Kakuma Refugee Camp



Napata Secondary School

Kakuma Refugee Camp

Napata Secondary School Program

  • Serving an estimated 1,400 students

    • 700 students currently in Grade 9

  • Curriculum covering Grades 9 thru 10

  • 25 teachers

  • Teacher salaries are 6000 Kenyan Schillings per month (equivalent to $60 USD)

  • Student enrollment fees are 1,000 Kenyan Schillings per month (equivalent to $10 USD)

    • 3,000 Kenyan Schillings per term (equivalent to $30 USD)